Beeswax Candles

L'Alchimie des Bougies (Alchemy of Beeswax Candles)

alchimie-des-bougiesYou will find in my online store different models of natural beeswax candles, ideal for a fully healthy, natural and ecological decoration of your home.

Fascinated by natural and handmade products, my aim is to provide a healthy, ecological and natural alternative to toxic and harmful unnatural chemical candles. All my candles are entirely composed of pure beeswax and are made by me by hand in the traditional way, in my small workshop in Brittany area, France.

All my beeswax candles made with love and know-how since 2011 are ideal for healthy, natural and nice decorating and foster an atmosphere of well-being and serenity. The beautiful glow generated by a beeswax candle when burned, recalling sunlight illuminate your interior with delicate natural scent of beeswax to embalm subtly your home. In addition, natural beeswax candles last longer than other types of candles.
Once tried, it is then difficult to return to industrial unnatural candles! Pure natural beeswax candles are handcrafted carefully molded or hand-rolled and a 100% cotton wick is used.

Buying pure natural beeswax candles

Buying natural beeswax candles supports local artisans and beekeepers, moreover, there is no intermediary between the artisanal manufacture and sale, which guarantees optimum quality and eco-friendly approach.bougie-cire-abeille-naturelle

The smell and color of beeswax candles can vary according to the season and wax arrivals but cordial collaboration with the beekeeper allows me to always get the best quality beeswax combining tasty honey scents and a golden yellow color.
The burn times indicated on the website are approximate.

Using beeswax candles

How to use

  • Tealights: bougie-chauffe-plat-cire-abeille
    We recommend using a support for your tealights. The container of the candle can become very hot and damaging the surface on they are placed. The outer edges may also become very sharp.
  • Molded beeswax candles, Beeswax sheet comb pillar candles, Tall candles:
    We recommend using a support for your candles. This will prevent the possible wax flows from damaging the surface on which they are placed.bougie-cire-abeille-bougeoir
  • Our models of candle holders and candlesticks are in the "candle holders" section.


  • To properly light the beeswax candle, take care to allow time for the wick to take combustion, leaving the source of the fire, match or lighter, longer enough at his base.
  • If ever the outer edges of the candle will not melt completely, fold them gently inward, the flame heat will re-align the combustion of the candle.
  • If it happens that the flame becomes too small (because the liquid wax pool is saturated, it can happen especially after turning it off and on again), get rid of excess wax by pouring it gently into a disposable container or aluminum foil, and the flame regain its vigor!
  • To remove any remaining beeswax pouring on the support of the candle, place it in the freezer for a few hours. The wax hardens and shrinks and becomes easier to remove.


What is beeswax?

Beeswax is rare, it is a noble and sacred product from nature.cire-abeille
Beeswax is a completely natural substance made by honeybees, which they use to build honey combs. The wax is made from white and transparent scales that appear at the opening of four small pockets located on each side of the abdomen of the bee. When the beekeeper harvests honey, he removes the frames of the hive, and uncapped small cells that contain honey, in order to extract honey by centrifugation. The wax which closed the cells is recovered.
The wax melts at around 64° C. The color and smell of beeswax come from honey and pollen packed into each honeycomb cell. They may vary depending on the floral source used for pollination.

Why using beeswax candles?

For your own health and for the environment, using a natural beeswax candle proves to be a responsible and wise choice:flamme-bougie-cire-abeille
• The beeswax candles burn much more cleanly than chemical candles that are found in commerce. At contrary we can found harmful chemicals in the paraffin candles (paraffin is a highly toxic and polluting chemical by-product of the petroleum industry!). Beeswax is completely non-toxic and even permitted as a food additive. My pure natural beeswax candles are 100% natural non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-polluting, they contain no dye, solvent, or additive compound.
• The beeswax candles almost don't produce soot during combustion.
• These natural candles have an incredibly long burning time, superior to other types of candles.
• The light emitted from a beeswax candle is much stronger and brighter.
• They give off a delicious natural scent of honey and have a great aesthetic look with their golden honey-yellow color.
• Natural beeswax candles can be burned in the presence of people with allergies or who are sensitive to strong chemical odors. Beeswax is hypoallergenic, ideal for people with allergies or other sensitivities such as asthma. It is used by manufacturers of cosmetics for beauty products like creams, lotions, ointments and lipsticks (beeswax is well known for its film-forming qualities, moisturizing, protective, anti-static and as cleansing properties).couleurs-pollen
• Pure natural beeswax candles naturally emit negative ions, which purifies the air and invigorates the body, mind and soul and provides a soothing atmosphere and well-being (negative ions are most often found near water in motion, such as waterfalls, rivers and the sea).
• Beeswax is a renewable resource. Natural beeswax candles are not harmful to the environment; in addition, buying beeswax candles support beekeepers and local crafts.
• Beeswax is eternal. It was found in the pyramids of Egypt almost unchanged after thousands of years. Because of its hydrophobic and antibacterial properties, beeswax was one of the main ingredients used in the mummification by embalmers of ancient Egypt.

Did you know?abeille-fleur2

• The hexagonal shape of the bee hives cells section is optimal with regard to the amount of wax necessary to erect its walls.
• Some species of bees can fly up to 50.4 km/h or 31mph.
• Bees needs to produce between 2 and 7.5 kilograms of honey for only 300 grams of wax.
• Honeybees visit about 2 million flowers to get 500 grams of honey.
• A healthy bee hive contains about 40,000 to 50,000 bees.
• Bees lifetime is only 6 weeks during the production of honey.
• When the reproductive faculties of a queen bee are at their peak, she can lay up to 2000 eggs per day, an egg a minute.
• Beeswax was found in Egyptian tombs and pyramids in Egypt. It was used as part of mummification.